LEARN-Wichita benefits Employers
LEARN-Wichita benefits Employers by bringing comprehensive educational offerings directly to your door! Arranging for an education fair has never been easier: contact any LEARN Wichita member, and you can schedule an employee education¬†fair today. You may request all or any combination of schools to participate. Once that’s decided, we do the rest!LEARN-Wichita will provide you with:

  • Ideas, flyers and door prizes to promote the event
  • Literature for your Human Resources Library
  • Education Fair evaluations
  • Representatives from schools to answer questions at the event.

LEARN-Wichita also offers employers the opportunity to establish an Educational Advising Office on-site. We help you design a flexible, rotating schedule so that your employees can have access to an advisor or LEARN representative on-site at least once a month.  If you would like to have us present a seminar at your next event, we would be happy to do so.

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